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A group of former South Auckland kids and those with ties to the community has set up The Rising Foundation to assist at-risk-youth to develop to their full potential.

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Our Four Pillars


At the heart of all we teach and model to our Rising Students are The Four Pillars – concepts that form a foundation for our five year basic programme.

We recognise that there can be no lifestyle change without a change of mind and a change of heart. Through a unique set of timeless values and principles we give our students the INSIGHT they need to begin cultivating personal honesty and healthy patterns of thought that stay with them throughout their lives. Therapeutic Storytelling is an integral part of our sophisticated programme.

Adolescents are prone to withdraw and isolate themselves when things get difficult in life. We show them that they can embrace life and enjoy success much more readily when working together with like-minded peers. We create a safe family atmosphere where teams work in SYNERGY and see the benefit of opening themselves up to the ideas, influence and help of those close to them.

A genuine sense of achievement in life comes from doing not from talking. Because of this we ensure that our programme offers continual opportunity for our students to live out the values and principles they learn while on their journey with us. This results in INTEGRITY as knowledge is applied and becomes practical wisdom for our students to apply intuitively to all areas of their lives.

We actively promote a sense of programme ownership and once ‘the penny drops’ for our students they add their own CREATIVITY to ours and embody our principles in new ways that make sense to them. One clear example of the creative nature of The Rising Foundation is that all our Programme Coordinators are graduates of the programme and have a big say in the formation of new initiatives and future directions of the foundation.


Simple  Pillars