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A group of former South Auckland kids and those with ties to the community has set up The Rising Foundation to assist at-risk-youth to develop to their full potential.

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I am the seed that bears fruit. When nurtured with tons of love and compassion, guidance and patience, I will sprout.”

There are four stages to the programme:
• Intake
• Residential
• Monitoring
• Pathway to Employment

The Rising Foundation journey begins at Intermediate School in the third term of Year 8. Selected students are invited to attend a Transition Camp where they get to be matched up with a “Buddy” who is a senior Student Mentor who will support and guide them as they enter their next phase of education and life experiences. Year 9 is a time of adjustments and settling in and attending weekly pastoral care meetings and learning basic principles of The Rising Foundation programme. Group Camps, Father and Son/Mother and Daughter Camps and excursions are held. A Homework Centre is also introduced.

In Year 10, the programme continues and expands on the foundation created by these principles to create values that will send the student on a positive journey of personal growth. Students are taken on a 16 week ‘Storytelling Intervention’ which enables them to build a psychological framework for healthy decision making, self-honesty and internal discipline.

Year 11-13 students continue to receive leadership training and as they show signs of being ready, shift from ‘having’ a peer mentor to ‘becoming’ a peer mentor to the junior students. Upon graduation from the programme a life time membership is granted. Life time members are encouraged to continue attending camps and activities in a leadership capacity and contribute to the health and growth of the school and community.

The Rising Foundation networks with local business people to offer selected students training, apprenticeships and career opportunities. Our recent partnership with Skills Org creates real world opportunities and reinforces links with employers through workplace visits and in-school ‘employability skills’ training.

Throughout the programme, Year 9, 10 and 11 students are closely guided and mentored by skilled social workers and Year 12 and 13 mentors.

Issues that the programme works with include, but are not limited to:
• potential gang affiliations
• negative peer relationships
• low self-esteem
• experimentation with drugs
• alcohol
• risk taking behaviours
• truancy
• mild to moderate depression and anxiety
• bullies
• victims of bullying

We do this by developing relationships with young people, their families, extended families, school and referral agencies and by gaining an understanding of their challenges and dreams.

We use outdoor adventure and leadership development programmes to promote insight and understanding of our mission. In the programme’s safely monitored outdoor environment, students get to experience real consequences resulting from their behaviours and decisions. The differences between their current behaviours and their goals are highlighted, brought into alignment and they are encouraged to achieve the goals they have chosen.