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A group of former South Auckland kids and those with ties to the community has set up The Rising Foundation to assist at-risk-youth to develop to their full potential.

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Our Points of Difference


  • Our Business Model:   In the neighbourhood surrounding every school TRF seeks local community/business bodies to assist in financially supporting our programme
  • TRF School Programme is run as a business model: TRF has set up student committees within each school to self-manage the programme and participate in fundraising activities to help fund camps and other activities within the programme. A hand up and NOT a hand out mentality prevails!
  • TRF programme is a 7 year journey for each student:  From Intermediate School to Graduate Level on to university/tertiary education/trades training and employment and another 3 -4yrs after
  • The Gem Journey – A 16 week Therapeutic Storytelling Intervention. By integrating this world class preventative therapy into our programme we have deepened and enriched the input we offer our students. ‘Gem’ imparts values, principles and models of behaviour through the revolutionary medium of simple storytelling. For more information visit www.tsi.co.nz.
  • TRF has 78 past pupils who have graduated over the years which continues to grow
  • Reciprocal pathway encouragement:  Students on their educational journey, post schooling, are currently returning to TRF programme based at the schools to facilitate & assist with co-ordinating camps, workshops and activities
  • Intervention/Preventative Measures: TRF does not work in a triage mentality but commences positive personal training before our youth have crossed any negative lines
  • Endorsed by the NZ Police:

“Currently the NZ Police have a number of crime prevention initiatives and priorities that align well with the direction and focus of The Rising Foundation in terms of supporting our efforts to substantially reduce Maori/Pacific youth participation in crime either as offenders or victims.  This is an area that remains an on-going challenge, not just for the Police but for the wider community as a whole, and the current Rising Foundation programmes across many South Auckland Secondary Schools and the planning and development work with Police to expand the programme wider to other communities such as Murupara, indicates that the success and profile of The Rising Foundation programme continues to be acknowledged by community leaders and agencies.” 

Huri N Dennis, Inspector, National Maori Strategic Adviser.