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A group of former South Auckland kids and those with ties to the community has set up The Rising Foundation to assist at-risk-youth to develop to their full potential.

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The Rising Foundation has been particularly successful initially in South Auckland schools. At the base of the organisation, The Rising Foundation is physically situated in the school. Included are:

Young people are referred to the programme through teaching staff, Boards of Trustees at the schools and Government agencies. Once these students have been identified, their families are approached and asked if they would support their child in the programme. It is part of the constitution of The Rising Foundation that every family buy into the programme and every family is visited. Family attendance at camps is encouraged and we also get tremendous support from the teaching staff at our schools.

Our aim is to continue to teach students to really think with a view that the BOX does not exist. With this in mind, we reinforce the notion that with positive changes in attitude and hard work, huge potential can be unlocked and nurtured, even though some of our students are facing very challenging personal circumstances.

“Not one child is spared personal growth, especially in the areas of self-esteem, self-worth and having a fulfilling life. Being part of The Rising Foundation gives them self-trust, self-worth and a sense of belonging. You only have to visit these students to see the way they are being taught to think outside of the box.” Lady Sarah Fay