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Alex Tarrant

General Manager

As dismissive as cliches can be, we do hope to capture their vocational aspirations and pathway them with industry professionals.

Here are a few great things I love about The Rising Foundation;

Amazing support – Sir Michael Fay & Lady Sarah Fay are both generous supporters. They have given me the financial freedom & utmost faith to complete my studies, which they sponsored. Lady Sarha Fay is also serving on our Board of Trustees.

We see results in how our students behave, what our students achieve, and in how they treat themselves and each other. We witness huge shifts in how they respond to difficult situations in their life, and transformation in who they aspire to be. This growth is just as valuable as our performance targets.

You naturally build a love for witnessing any type of growth from your students and JB graduates over the years which are valuable to TRF.

The most integral part of this role is that we genuinely care about every single individual we work with. Joining The Rising Foundation had a pivotal impact in my life as a student and now as a staff member.


Alex Tarrant
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