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Our diverse team of young professional youth workers and social workers have all come through our programme during their high school years and have a deep and intimate knowledge of our schools, communities, students needs and their huge potential. Our coordinators provide a consistent example and ongoing emotional and practical support for our vibrant young people. 


Alex Tarrant

General Manager

Jordan Tanielu.png

Jordan Tanielu

Programme Coordinator

Tiare Matara 1.png

Tiare Matara

Employment Pathways Manager

Donna Rogers 1.png

Donna Rogers

Office Administrator

Wendy Savieti 1.png

Wendy Savieti

T2 Drive Coordinator &
Programme Administrator

Maia Tipu 1.png

Maia Tipu

T2 Work Coordinator

Gideon Rihari 1.png

Gideon Rihari

Operations Manager

Shani Apelu 1.png

Shani Apelu

Programme Coordinator

Jazmin Walker 1.png

Jazmin Walker

Programme Coordinator

Lyonel Molina 1.png

Lyonel Molina

Communications Coordinator

Sela Pohiva 1.png

Sela Pohiva

Programme Coordinator

George Holland.png

George Holland

Programme Coordinator

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