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Sir Edmund

Hillary Collegiate

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Rosehill College


Pukekohe High School


Manurewa High School


Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate

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Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate (SEHC) is nestled quietly in the residential area of Ōtara, South Auckland’s aptly named “Home of the Brave”. This school was established by its namesake in 2001 and opened by Sir Edmund Hillary in 2004. This unique school community is an amalgamation of the former Hillary College, Bairds Intermediate and Clydemore Primary School and comprises of three distinct schools (Junior Y1-6, Middle Y7-8 and Senior Y9-13) on one campus. This innovative school system sees students go through Y1-13 supported by one Collegiate wide mission, which is to be nurtured by a culture of respect, inspired by teaching, and empowered by learning, to become global lifelong achievers’. This is upheld by the three core values of Excellence, Whanaungatanga and Respect. The Rising Foundation first put roots down in SEHC - Senior School in 2012. Since our humble beginnings, we have graduated more than 50 students who have successfully completed their high school journey with us. TRF at SEHC has grown to be an even stronger community of enthusiastic students, loyal JB graduates, dedicated teachers and supportive parents/caregivers who all share ‘The Hillary Heart’. This long standing collaboration has enabled us in our continued work to whakamana, empower and elevate the trajectory of TRF members and Ōtara youth. To enable them to reach great heights and feats, achieving, in essence, the famous quote of Sir Edmund Hillary - “It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves”.




"It taught me many life lessons that school didn't. It taught me that in life, it is never too late to change. If you feel that it will be beneficial for yourself, go for it! Put actions to it rather than just saying it. 

"The TRF coordinators have guided and supportmed me through my schooling years & looking deeper into career pathways. They laid it out for us to see which pathway fits the most and they never gave up on us once."

"I like being in The Rising, actually I love it! It is cool being a part of a group that has each other's backs. TRF is also my extended family away from home. I made loads of friends along the way and it has been the biggest blessing."

"The biggest area it has helped me grow in was my self confidence. It has helped me to socialise with people because in life, you won't always be around the same people, and TRF has helped me boost my confidence."

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Rosehill College

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Rosehill College was established in 1970 with 180 students and nine teachers and is now the largest secondary school in the Papakura area. Recently the school’s roll increased exponentially to its current population of approximately 1600 students and 113 teachers. Rosehill College offers a high quality education and has a wide range of co-curricular activities in sport, music and performing arts. Our chosen school values are RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY and CARING – under the umbrella understanding of MANAAKITANGA The Rising Foundation began our partnership with Rosehill College in 2015 and we now have two full time staff running our in-school programme and pioneering our Transition 1 work with Intermediate ‘feeder’ schools in the area.




"I have learnt about how my attitude in life is really important in all situations, which has helped me with my leadership within school as well."

"I love the feeling of being safe around other people in The Rising and having a coordinator who never folds on us. TRF has supported me by giving different opportunities to help me grow as an individual."

" I love TRF because it has helped me throughout my time at RHC. I love how we get to learn about so many things that we can use in our everyday life. GIdeon, my school coordinator has been the man! 

"I love how much support TRF gives us, such as helping me get my licence which was really cool because I knew I would have procrastinated, but they helped provide the resources and information."


Pukekohe High School

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Pukekohe is classed as a ‘satellite city’ located on the Southern edges of Auckland. Pukekohe High School has approximately 1800 students representing multiple ethnicities within our community. Our vision to be "learners without limits" is what creates the opportunity for our students at Pukekohe High to be creative within the areas of their expertise. Our values are Manakitanga, Puumautanga, Kotahitanga and Arahitanga; these values give us a foundation from which to strive for success in our education. The Rising Foundation has an amazing relationship with Pukekohe High school that has been partnering here since 2011. The programme has produced many leaders for the school, many sports stars and many students to represent the school proudly in a wide variety of careers. TRF Pukekohe High was the first group to be granted a dedicated room (or Embassy) by the school which gives our students and staff a space to come, be safe and replenish their Hauora. We were also the first school to need a second full time worker to cope with student numbers. The Rising Foundation Pukekohe High School is growing alongside our other school groups to provide better life opportunities for our students and we are happy to be a part of that journey.


"TRF is one of the largest influences of how I live my life today. It gave me support and encouragement when I needed it and allowed me to unlock my potential as I went through high school. "

"I learnt so much about myself and the world around us. It has really inspired me to step out of my comfort zone more often. The Rising is like a second family to me."

"The sense of community and togetherness, really helped me when I was going through darker times in my life.  I knew I could rely on them for anything."

"I will always hold a special place in my heart for the programme, and I hope it continues to help kids like myself grow throughout South Auckland."

Papakura High School

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Papakura High School was established in 1954 and is built on the mana whenua of Ngāti Tamaoho. The school is a co-educational, Year 9 to 13+ school and part of the super city of Auckland. Papakura High school is a diverse multi-cultural school, with just over 60% of our students being Māori, affiliating to a wide range of iwi backgrounds as well as to the mana whenua of this area, the sub-tribes of Waikato-Tainui. The school also has a large Pasifika community, mainly Samoan and Tongan, but also with Cook Island and Fijian Indian communities, and small numbers of other Pacific Island groups. The remainder are of European/Pakeha heritage. The Rising Foundation programme began at Papakura High school in 2009. Throughout the history of our organisation, students who have been through our training at Papakura have been great role models, strong leaders and have been selected as head students to encourage and lead the school. Today many of our Programme Coordinators began their TRF journey at Papakura High School. Over the years we have had over 100 students graduate from Papakura and the majority of these graduates still stay connected with the Rising and are always happy to lend a hand as volunteers when we need them.




"I love how accepting everyone is. I love how much effort the coordinators put into helping us students achieve our goals both short term and long. I also love the fact all of the schools are able to merge together & create strong bonds."

"TRF have helped me stay focussed and well driven on my goals. They have supported me through the trials and tribulations I face. They are able to relate to me and give me advice on how to slowly work through them."

"The positivity in TRF really encouraged & inspired me to keep working towards my goals and achievements. I also know that I have a place to go to as well as people to support me really helps."

" I love the environment in TRF.  We are always laughing and joking which makes it feel carefree and genuine. We all know each other and have a connection of some sort. The people in TRF are what make it amazing."